C2 Consult

About C2 Consult

C2 CONSULT derives its name from “Computer Centre Consultant”. We focus exclusively on the provision of expertise for all aspects of infrastructural components of Data Centres. C2 Consult is one of the very few organizations with the domain skills to provide a ‘one-stop’ Data Centre Engineering Consultancy Service.


C2 Consult Sdn Bhd is a privately held corporation founded in 2000, and is a recognized industry leader in the successful delivery of mission critical requirements especially on Greenfield Developments; where all the facilities were successful in meeting its design and business objectives.

Core Values:

Our core values guide the conduct of our business…

  • Passion with our work and what we do, brings out the best from us for the Project and Clients
  • Practise fairness, honesty and integrity in delivering professional and objective information, putting the clients’ interest first
  • Deliver quality work on a timely basis without compromising on scope, accuracy or completeness

We are committed to excellence and quality in our service deliverables to achieve optimal designs and meeting functional requirements while balancing cost efficiency.


C2 believes in the “hands on” approach by senior management is critical to all Projects. All of C2’s management are involved with projects on a direct basis, backed by a full complement of registered and certified personnel.

The C2 team has the expertise and experience in design, implementation, construction and maintenance of Data Centre be it at existing building or purpose-built new building. At the same time, they also possess the commercial experience in the operation, sales & promotion to the target market as well as understanding customer critical requirements